Arriving in Ireland

RE-Entry Visa

RE-Entry Visa
    • Multi-entry Visa و اذا كنت تنوى السفر في اجازة أو مؤتمر يجب الحصول علي فيزا متعددة single entry visaمعظم الاطباء الذين يأتون الي أيرلندا يدخلون بفيزا دخول**** 
    • The Fees:
    • **Multiple (100 Euro/person including children)
    • **Single (60 Euro)
    • **Emergency (160 Euro, single entry only for ER situations)

    All appointment should be registered Online app. via this link:(unfortunately, most of the appointments are delayed 2-4 weeks , so you should apply early)

    Documents required:

    • **GNIB (Original)
    • **Passport
    • **Photo with name written on the back (for Children, the Gp write the name and stamp at the back of the photo)
    • **Application.
    • **100 euro (should be paid to the post)

    For Family add:

    • **GP Letter for children
    • **Birth certificate (Arabic and translation ) for children
    • Marriage certificate (for wife)