Arriving in Ireland

Change address toolkit

الخطوات و الاجراءات التي يجب عملها بعد تغيير عنوانك

** PPS number can be changed by logging into  ..
Services -Then, change details Very straight forward

**Your bank account e.g. AIB bank can be change by using AIB internet banking and you will need the card reader to change your details, It will take exactly 1 minute to change your details (address)

**Your shopping e.g. Tesco:Just call the customer service and have the club card in hand to give them the number on it.

**IMC .. you can change your personal details online once you log in .. no problem at all.

** Same as my revenue

**Child benefit :
You have to write a letter mentioning that the child carer (usually your wife) with her PPS number and the names of the children she is having benefit from is moving to the new address which is .....
Then send it to :

Child Benefit Section
Department of Employment Affairs and Social Protection
Social Welfare Services Office
St Oliver Plunkett Road
Co. Donegal
F92 T449

The last day in your old house .. have the latest day and night reading and your details in hand then call your company and they will tell you what options you have to pay this period. When you go to your new house try to contact the company you want (usually I contact the company left the letter in the mail box) to start a new contract with them.

**Car registration certificate
Just tick on CHANGE OF ADDRESS box and write your new address on the back of the certificate and send it by REGISTERED MAIL to the address mentioned on the same page in Co. Clare

**GNIB card: 
I still prefer to book an appointment and meet the immigration officer in person and have your proof of your new address and GNIB card of you and your wife